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Avoid Conflict at Workplace to Reduce Stress

While it is true that slightly stressful situations are common in nearly everyone’s lives, feeling too stressed at work-for over a month or more-every day is not common. It can lead to burnout, which is a serious workplace stress syndrome. Studies have found that workplace stress or burnout can increase risk of type 2 diabetes, prolonged fatigue, headaches, respiratory problems and coronary heart disease. Sleep disturbances and depressive symptoms are also likely to occur to those suffering from workplace burnout.

There is clear evidence that workplace stress can be diagnosed in a personal independently irrespective of the patient’s mental health issues. Workplace stress is inevitably related to mental health. Burnout can make you feel exhausted, feel cynical and reduce your sense of accomplishment after suffering from long-term workplace stress.

You cannot ignore workplace stress and it is quite likely to affect other aspects of your life. Long-term stress, as mentioned above, will make you feel constantly tired and cause sleep disturbances. Feelings of hopelessness and discouragement take over your mind, affecting your personal relationship with friends and family as well. (Input: Agencies)

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