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PM Urges People to Shun Bitterness

New Delhi: Addressing the nation after the verdict in the politically and communally sensitive case was pronounced, PM Narendra Modi invoked the fall of Berlin wall on November 9, 1989 and also referred to the inauguration of the Kartarpur corridor earlier in the day to assert that the message of the day is for everyone to come together to surge ahead.

The fall of the Berlin wall brought two contrasting ideologies together while both India and Pakistan played a role in the development of the corridor, he noted.

Modi urged people to shun any fear, bitterness and negativity and come together to build a new India.

” … And now, with today’s verdict on Ayodhya, this date — November 9 teaches us the power of staying united and growing together. Today is about the message of integration and emerging victorious together,” he said.

Hailing the Supreme Court for delivering the verdict on an important issue ‘which has a history of hundreds of years’, he pointed out that the entire country wanted the court to hear the matter daily and it happened.

“For the Indian judiciary, it is a golden day. The Supreme Court heard everyone with patience and delivered a unanimous verdict,” Modi said in his 11-minute address.

He said the judges, the courts and the judicial processes should be greeted for their strong will.

Referring to the dispute, the prime minister said the judgment has heralded a ‘new dawn’ for the people.

“The dispute may have affected several generations, but after the judgment we have to take a pledge that the new generation will work for the creation of a new India with a fresh spirit,” he said.

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