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Problems in Crew Management: IndiGo to Cancel 32 Flights on Monday

New Delhi: The country’s largest airline has cancelled flights from IndiGo’s from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, the source in the aviation industry said.

Many flights have been cancelled by the airline since Saturday.

The carrier cancelled around 15 flights on Saturday and around seven on Sunday, officials at the Delhi airport said.

“The airline has been facing problems in crew management. Therefore, these flights — which had to depart from Delhi yesterday and today were cancelled,” one of the airport officials said.

In a statement, IndiGo said that due to a severe hailstorm in North India on February 7, 11 IndiGo flights were diverted and that disrupted operations across our network the following day.

“As part of recovering our schedule, positioning of the crew and aircraft had to be readjusted. As a result, a number of flights were cancelled. We regret the inconvenience caused to our customers,” IndiGo said.

Officials at Bengaluru airport officials said that around 16 flights of the airline were cancelled on Sunday.

“The airline is facing shortage of commanders and pilots and this is forcing the airline to cancel flights from across stations,” the source told.

“As of now 32 flights from across the network have been cancelled for Monday by the carrier,” the source said.

A second query sent to IndiGo seeking its response on the cancellation of 32 flights for Monday due to pilots shortage did not elicit any immediate response.

Operations at the Delhi airport saw massive disruption on February 7 as a total of 36 flights were diverted due to severe rain and hailstorm in the national capital.  (Input: Agencies)

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