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Southern States: PM Modi Attacks Congress, Regional Parties

Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu) : On Sunday, the prime minister was on a break-neck tour of three southern states – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka –addressing a series of rallies and inaugurating several developmental projects. The prime minister during the day targetted the opposition, raking up issues surrounding the Indian Army. He slammed the Congress along with regional parties including the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) which protested against his arrival in Andhra Pradesh.
Andhra Pradesh:On the first leg of the three state tour, PM Modi reached Guntur in Andhra Pradesh in the morning and launched a vortex of attacks on chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, who was once part of the NDA. This was Modi’s first trip to the state after the BJP and TDP severed ties at the Centre. Taking a dig at the chief minister, Modi said, “He promised sunrise for the state of Andhra Pradesh. But he seems interested only in the rise of his son. He told me he would turn
around the infrastructure of Andhra Pradesh. But he himself took a U-turn!” Modi said that Naidu, who keeps reminding him of his seniority is only ‘senior in backstabbing.’
“Chandrababu Naidu Ji keeps reminding me he is my senior. But he is senior in backstabbing his father-in-law (NTR). He is senior in changing parties and making alliances. What has happened to him? Why does he keep pointing out that he is senior?” questioned PM Modi.
Modi, remembering NTR, also called out the Congress saying that it was due to their arrogance that NTR swore to rid the state from Congress rule. Meanwhile, Naidu fired a salvo on Modi’s reference of “father of Lokesh” saying, “You have estranged your wife. Do you have any respect in the family system? Since you have referred to my son, I am mentioning about your wife. People, do you know Narendra Modi has a wife? Her name is Jashodaben,” Naidu told a public meeting at Vijayawada.
Tamil Nadu: Following his engagements in Andhra, the prime minister headed to Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu where he inaugurated a new integrated building at Trichy airport. The prime minister, referring to the creation of the two defence corridors including one in Tamil Nadu, charged against the Congress and said, “Those who got the opportunity to rule the nation for years did not bother about India’s defence sector. For them, this sector was only about brokering deals and helping their own set of friends… Why is it that every middleman caught has a link with some Congress leader of the other?” (Input: Agencies)

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